Thursday, December 17, 2009

Evil Mommy

About 2 months ago, I discovered that Miss C loves my raspy voice. It makes her smile and giggle. So with picture season upon us, I am using this knowledge to my advantage.

My family was taken a back when they first heard me use the voice. It has now been dubbed my "Evil Mommy voice". And Miss C loves Evil Mommy. See example video here:

Works every time! (I think I scared Santa though.)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Ready

Looking around my house today, I'm so glad Miss C is content to stay put and not crawl around yet.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Double Dose

DOTY and I took Miss C to a flu clinic the other night so that she could get the H1N1 vaccination.

Our pediatrician highly recommended that Miss C get both flu shots since she is now 6 months old. Our ped's office is doing all flu shots through a clinic so you sign up online for an appointment and then show up to get your shot.

So we showed up. And here is how my convo with the receptionist went:

Receptionist: "How old is the patient?"

Me: "6 months"

Receptionist: "And are you here for both seasonal and H1N1?"

Me: "We just signed up for the H1N1. Can she get both at one time?"

Receptionist: "Yes. They don't interact with one another. Would you like to do that?"

Me: "Do it!"

Receptionist: (laughs) "Poor baby"

Me: (shrugging shoulders) "Better to have one bad night than 2 bad nights."

And bad night we did have.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12/9/09 Moms in the News

Michelle Duggar is in the hospital. Pray for her safety and the safety of her unborn child - baby number 19!

Need a heart warming story? Meet Serrena Huddleston. When Serrena's neighbor (a mother of nine) started doing drugs, Serrena didn't stepped in and started caring for the nine children. After several years of trying to help her friend, Serrena ended up adopting all of the children under 18 years old - six of the kids! And did I mention that Serrena already had 4 of her own children. Serena is called an Adoption Hero.

Meet Lisa Sacks. A few years ago she joined the registry for a bone marrow center. Basically, they take a swab of cheek tissue and keep your DNA on their books to match with people who are dying of illnesses. Lisa got a call a few months ago that she was a match for someone. This Thanksgiving, underwent a difficult procedure to donate her bone marrow to save a stranger's life. I know I would do this for a family member in a heartbeat, but Lisa did it for a stranger. I think that's really cool.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sick parenting

The Sunday after Thanksgiving DOTY year and I were sick - the fever with weak stomach kind of sick.

Miss C sat on the floor and cried while we stared at each other trying to figure out who would get up to change her diaper. That's when we decided to call in the reinforcements.

(We did change the diaper before Mom-in-Law got there - after all, that's a 2 hour drive)

12/8/09 Moms in the News

Stefanie Spielman a hero for breast cancer died almost 3 weeks ago on November 20th. Her husband used to play football for the Buffalo Bills. He decided to leave the game when his wife was diagnosed back in 1998. Stefanie was a mother of 4 and during her 10 year battle with cancer she raised a lot of money for a cure.

Meet Debra Gallo. On November 23rd she had her fourth child in the passenger seat of her family truck with the other 3 kids in the sitting in the backseat! She said it all happened in the parking lot of the Mobil gas station - hah! Baby and mom are doing fine. favorite! Don't mess with mama squirrel. This mama squirrel protected her baby from a big dog. These pics are awesome!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Congratulations SB!

SB, you resoundingly won last week's poll for your Fake Wreath story. Thank you to all who voted!

Send in your MOTYM for this week's poll to!